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12 & 24 Volt Submersible Pumps

Suitable for diesel, various chemicals, fresh and dirty water. Ideally suitable for on-site diesel refuelling of contractors and agricultural plant. Efficient and easy to clean filters. Pumps can be run continuously for periods of up to 1 hour. Pumps must not be allowed to run dry. Not to be used with petrol or liquids with flash point range -20 to +80 c. Keep submerged when used with water, even when not in use.


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12v pump kit. 53mm diameter., 20 L/min Stainless 12v pump. 38mm diameter., 20 L/min Stainless 12v pump kit. 38mm diameter., High output 30 L/min 38mm dia Pump only, 19mm o/d outlet., 24v pump kit. 53mm diameter., 12v/24v 25 L/Min High output 38mm diameter. Pump only.


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