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Automatic Shut-Off Nozzle

Will not operate with gravity feed systems. Nozzle shuts off automatically when liquid covers the vent hole at the end of the spout. For use with diesel/gas oil. 1” BSP swivel inlet. Pumps should deliver a minimum of 13Ltr/min to activate ‘shut-off’ mechanism. Built in check valve, low-flow ‘shut down’, simple lever catch. Maximum pressure 3 bar.

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60Ltr/min. 25mm O/D nozzle., 120Ltr/min.30mm O/D nozzle., 60Ltr/min.Automatic shut-Off Nozzle, 1" BSP Female, Integral Digital Meter., 70Ltr/min. For unleaded petrol., 60Ltr/min. Stainless steel. For AdBlue., Accessories: 1” BSP M/F swivel joint., Accessories: 3/4” BSP (M) to 1" BSP (F) swivel joint.


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