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Twin Handled Multi Gun

(Dispenses Standard DIN1284/ 500g/400g Threaded Cartridges)
Supplied with:

  • Large adapter for the Patented Barrel Assembly for Standard DIN1284 Cartridges
  • 5 x Follower Seals to enable a supply of loaded cartridges to be available (replacement seals
    are available at a nominal cost)
  • 18″ Spring Guard Hose & 4 Jaw coupler
  • Hose Parking to prevent contamination
  • Threaded head for 500g cartridge
  • Adapter for use with the large dia threaded 400g cartridge
  • Security ring (for use with screw thread cartridges
  • Zinc plated barrel and handles with plastic non-slip grips
  • Supplied in a printed retail box with full operating instructions
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Grease Types – 
Our Grease Guns and Pumps are designed to handle most of the popular multipurpose greases to NLGI – No.2 specification made with light to medium base oil viscosities. However, with greases for special applications, which may have high viscosity base oils and/or special additives, problems may be encountered. If so, the question of pumpability should be referred to the appropriate grease manufacturer.

Multi Gun Range –
(Patented Grease Gun Barrel Assembly – Patent GB2525503)
Our new comprehensive range of Grease Guns are fitted with our Patented Vacuum Barrel System. By using the vacuum principle the grease is evacuated from the cartridge to the Grease Gun Head. The inherent problems of loading grease cartridges into conventional spring operated grease gun are a thing of the past. The quick, simple and clean method can be used with any standard 400g cartridges to DIN1284 standards, and for threaded cartridges 500g small dia threaded cartridge and the 400g threaded cartridge.

Clean easy loading;
Simple to use;
Enables the user to buy cartridges from any source for evacuation of grease;
Safety – no possibility of trapping fingers when spring pressure released;
Gun can be store loaded thereby avoiding oil leakage with spring pressure guns

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